Stats: Brentford v Barnsley


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All the stats from Brentford (0) vs (2) Barnsley, Griffin Park, 22/10/16 Att: 10,417

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Shows how stats lie. Barnsley were a far better side than us in all departments, sharper, crisper and quicker. We were bloody awful. Too pedestrian, too predictable and gave them far too much time on the ball and to regroup.
Hogan needs to learn to play off the shoulder and not just stand offside all the time. Smith complained we waited too long to play the ball to him but he was offside before anyone had the chance to. He was slow coming back from attacks so when we countered he was offside and we were a player down in essence and with only him up front there was no one to pass to.

Crap all round. Hogan and McCreachran Lucky not to receive red cards. Needs sorting before Friday or the Ra Ra's will embarrass us again.


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Crap day all round, nobody seemed up for it & Barnsley took 3 routine points home. Maybe we've all become a bit comfortable with life in the division, and don't pay Wigan or Barnsley the right respect, we're now in a slump and have 2 season defining games up next.

Poor from DS too, his selections and subs all wrong, as were his post game comments.

Harlee has to come back in, there was no leadership out there at all. Clarke has earned a start at Rangers and McLeod to come back in. The midfield area was a shambles yesterday.

Brentford innit, be so us to win the next 2.