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Spying on the opposition.

king billy

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He's dragging our name through the mud again. If it had happened to us we would be livid. It is blatant cheating and it makes you wonder how many times it has happened this season. I expect a few more clubs coming out of the woodwork saying odd behaviour from individuals outside the ground ahead of their game with Leeds. I think the FA will throw the book at him anyway. What will AR do as well? He's got to show he doesn't condone what has happened.

It has actually sickened me this news today. Just when we felt nothing could possibly happen to derail the season we find something new.

He's got to go and give the job to Coberan. He knows what we are doing and how to do it.
What has he actually done wrong?

There are no rules that say you cannot do it and he has been open and honest about it after being caught were as many would have lied.

It has happened for year and I am sure there is a lot more than just Leeds still doing it. The difference is we got caught.

My biggest worry now is the FL and FA because we all know they have an agenda against Leeds United.


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A lot of fuss about nothing. If someone wants to come along to a training ground and watch, so be it. If teams want to practise something that would give them an advantage, find an indoor facility which would be a bit more private. I'm pretty sure that this has been going on for years but probably a bit more discreetly. Be interested to see how many now openly pay a visit to Leeds future training sessions, the door has been widely opened!.

The only thing Bielsa would have learned is that a) Carson still loves Leeds & b) Derby are pretty shite.
Lots of clubs still train in open spaces. The Derby training ground isn't very private as you can see the training pitches from the road.

If the FA/FL somehow find a way to punish us I think we need to fight it all the way and fans need to have a mass demonstration at the headquarters of these idiots.
I've just been listening to pundits on the radio and reading an article on Planetfootball: "Given his outrage at Bielsa and Leeds, Lampard will no doubt be shocked to discover that he himself played for a club who routinely sent staff to opposition training grounds in the hope of gaining some kind of advantage.
Indeed, Andre Villas Boas told the Daily Telegraph in 2011 that he would travel to training grounds "incognito" as a scout for Jose Mourinho, helping set up a Opponent Observation Department for the Blues"
Is this the same Lampard who is complaining of cheats.
Bielsa has done nothing wrong or broken any rules. He should be commended for his diligence in preparing his team with the most up to date information and not berated by people for something that does not contravene the rule book and is very probably common practice throughout football. MOT
Lampard for a young manager will now have to be squeaky clean for the rest of his managerial career or the will get bettered by everyone.