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Bugger. They are out of the Champions League. That gives a bit of flexibility over when we can play them.

Let's hope they progress in the FA Cup only after replays. The less they have to play for when we meet them and the more fixtures they have, the better it looks for us.

Paul Kannell

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Like us under Keegan they really need to win something with this quality group of players, they also may not be able to keep the manager for much longer.


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If I was Spurs I'd e more worried about keeping hold of Kane. There'll be a few sniffing come the end of the season.
I originally classed Kane as a one season wonder but the longer he keeps this scoring up, the harder it will be for the club to get over him when he leaves, so I agree he's more of a worry than the manager.

It took us ages to get over Shearer being missing and even now, he still hasn't been replaced.


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Good enough for the horrible cxnts. I was glad they were beaten. I can't bring myself to support any English teams in Europe, especially those from London.


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I am still smiling at them getting done by Juve. Talk Sport all morning has been about them, whinge whinge whinge. Kane will be gone soon I reckon, and have to agree about Ali he is an utter ****, up there in the current top five cunts currently in the League.


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Agree about Kane thought he was a flash in the pan but he looks like he has it all, played a pass last night which was world class.