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Spurs Away kit - sure sure....

Well here is our new away kit...thoughts?

I don't think I am a fan...


I can't figure out how to post a damn pic of it from my work computer....hope the link works
I can't look at it, it's what was once called a 'basket case' -i.e. you go out with your mates for a few beers and you know it's all going to end up with your head in a basket somewhere puking your guts up - only in this case, they've done it on a piece of cloth.

Truly dreadful.

Mind you, we're probably not the demographic it's aimed at, so it will probably sell in huge numbers to the 16-30's! LOL!!


Vital Youth Team
I like it...I notice the large sizes are either already gone, or they never bothered making them (another sign that the kit wasn't aimed at us "old-heads". Still for leisure wear it looks alright to me...Probably look like a pile of steaming shuyzer (my spelling) on the pitch ...maybe it's meant as a visual deterrent to our opponents, you know, make the puke, get dizzy, just a general sense of disorientation! Will the naysayers like it if when worn we win every game 6-0? (Just a bit o' fun lads!)