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Spotify, Google Play Music, or....... ?


One Bloody Number
Hi guys.

Just bought myself a nifty little portable speaker that I can pair with my phone using NFC and use it to listen to music anywhere in the house.

This is great, but the music I already have downloaded Is getting boring, and I can't be arsed to pay for, download new stuff.

My mate said I should join Spotify premium and get access to unmlimited music for £9.99 per month.

Price seems a little high to me (when you consider the cost of Lovefilm/Netflix is only around £6 per month to stream movies).

So I looked at Google Play Music and that too is £9.99 per month.

Any alternatives? Just as good but cheaper? Or are those the main 2?
If you have more music on your PC Google PLay Music allows you to stream that from wherever and once added to the streaming folder you don't need your PC turned on. This is a free part of Google play music.


One Bloody Number
I do have a fair bit on my laptop but it's mainly all old stuff. I tend not to keep it updated, and all the dodgy peer-to-peer download sites I used to use have all been shut down.

Thinking a streaming service may just be easier. It sounds fantastic. Just the price putting me off. Yet another monthly bill (I just signed up to 2 new phone contracts for Nat's girls as well)



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It's the monthly subscription price that's put me off it too Deano - like you say, with other monthly bills it's just one that i don't see as necessary right now. If it was £5.99 or around abouts then i'd probably get it, but £10 just seems a bit too steep (although i've been told it is well worth the money)


One Bloody Number
Youtube is ok, but it's just a pain with all the adverts etc...

Plus it drains my phone battery as the screen doesn't switch off when a video is playing.


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Try Bloom FM. I have got it but not used it much. Seems ok, looks smart, nice interface and has different price packages including free, £1/month, £5/month and £10/month I think. I managed to get a 1 month free trial but not sure if that was a limited promo but give it a whirl on the free package if not and see what its like!


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Use soundcloud mate it's wicked it's free and has anything you want. Most artists have a soundcloud page these days anyway