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"Spanking" the bookies


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I know I'm not much of a poster but I have always enjoyed taking a back-seat and reading through the threads on the site.

As a fellow Villa fan I thought I would share this as a player that we was strongly linked with (Luke Murphy) has won me over 15k.


I just wondered if anybody else has had such luck?


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I wish. LOL. Though it would be hard as the nearest I get to gambling is VV Euro lotto and the occasionally lotto on a Saturday. That's only if I happen to be in a shop that sells them and I think go on why not.

Mr K likes a bet and doesn't to bad. He very careful and has a limit. Any winnings go in our savings jar..

I do comping (competitions) as a hobby and I have had some reasonable prizes through that, is my nearest to betting, I suppose


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Jesus man well done my biggest football win was 350 euro but I bet 90 on Napoli to come back from 2-1 down at half time... It ended up being much closer than I thought they got the winner in the 94th minute I didnt think it would be that tight...

40/1 was my highest odds for a win but that was in golf and I only bet 2e...



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Thank you guys, it was stange becasue the day before I won I haf to give up my away tickets to Arsenal due to lack of money.

As an extra bonus Sky gave me 4 free tickets to watch Leeds this Saturday for providing the quotes for the article. At least I've had my 5 minutes of fame now ;)


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I am happy to say I spanked the bookies for 660e tonight...

Liverpool, Villa, Chelsea, Spurs, City

A nice little five fold I reckon paddy power was laughing when they saw Aston Villa in the bet but I know better...