Southend (h) - 26/11/13 7.45pm

Make your match predictions below on these areas for Pompey's game at Fratton against Southend on Tuesday 26th November.

<b><font color='#0E4FB0'>1) Will Pompey win, lose or draw?
2) What the match score be?</font></b>

Example - Pompey to win 1-0.
I am not sure if I have ever predicted a defeat in all the years that I have done this game but think I need to go with my head and not heart on this one...

Pompey 1-2 Southend.

Of course hope that isnt the case and hope it then means we win 2-1!


Vital Youth Team
Question is do I go with my heart or my nogin, heart says win nogin says lose what a quandary!
OK going with my heart win 2-1.
<center><b>After Southend match</b></center>
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