Southend (a) Saturday 17th February 2018

Make your match predictions below on these areas for Pompey's game at Roots Hall against Southend on Saturday 17th February 2018.

<b><font color='#0E4FB0'>1) Will Pompey win, lose or draw?
2) What the match score be?</font></b>

Example - Pompey to win 1-0.


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With two early goals, Southend have a big lead. Only three predictors can make 20 points now:

Blue Exile has 3-1 Southend, Dasha 2-1 and Ibizan Blue 2-2 draw
Pompey Predictions League – table update #32

Over to <b>uspompeyfan</b> with his latest update to the 2017-18 season...

<i>It sounded rough on the radio, it sounded dire and in the end, it sounds like Pompey got what they deserved. If I sound negative, it isn’t because I don’t love the team, but because I see and hear our fans getting short-changed watching this team.

Blue Exile foresaw the carnage of Roots Hall, while Dasha didn’t think it would be as bad as that. Apart from that, no one thought that Southend would harm our fragile defence.

Blue Exile jumped into the chasing pack, but there was no change at the top as the two father-daughter duets remain in the top four spots.</i>

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If you want to see the table via the forum thread <a style='color:#0E4FB0' href='' target='blank'><b>click here</b></a>.