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Southampton v NUFC


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Almost every team in the premier league now play good football or at least know what they're supposed to be doing, even villa. This is the worst I've witnessed in 30 years. No doubt the pundits will praise Bruce even tho we can't have a go at the likes of Brighton or Southampton


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Fucking crunching tackle by Big Jamaal. Well played. Credit where it is due as it should have been a penalty and he lost him in the first place.


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The defensive team that can't defend. Oh and can't attack or tackle either.

On the plus side if you're one of the mugs who pay 15 quid for a ppv, just remember There are even bigger mugs who pay more to watch that dross live


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Yes that was fucking awful as if lockdown wasn’t bad enough. At least the bottles of beer from the fridge has taken the edge off. That was nothing short of shocking. Southampton top maybe only for a da.y but good luck to them. 2-0 flattered us to be fair what a heap of crap.


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Taped the second half and just watched it. This may be the tipping point. 2 goals conceded by players trying to be clever instead of the easy ball. If there are 3 teams worse than us, then on this performance I would argue with them. Clueless on the pitch and the touchline did not inspire in the least. I'm warming to relegation


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That was awful, even our poorer players surpassed themselves in their mediocrity. Remember when some of our fans thought big signings Almiron and ASM were good? Would they have improved the Southampton side? Me neither.


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Thankfully I missed this game, didn't even know they were playing.

Same story yet again, schoolboy defending, no creativity, less than 40% possession and 2 shots on target the whole game.

Lascelles seems to like making Titus Bramble seem like Vincent Kompany. Normally Fernández and Schar play well enough to cover for captain calamity but if they have a bad game then big Jamal is shown for how shit he really is.

Almiron is a headless chicken who creates nothing yet somehow has achieved cult status by doing fuck all. Best player out of the MLS apparently, fuck off, Ibrahimovic at nearly 40 took the fucking piss in that league. The SPL has a higher standard of football ffs!

ASM not at the races again, injured? Loss of form? Fed up? Could be a bit of everything. Nobody else to fill the void, is Fraser injured or something?

However on a lighter note its nice to see that out of the so called big six, only 2 are actually in the top six. I would laugh my cock off if it finished like that, preferably with the odious scousers NOT retaining their title.


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let's face facts though...

Both goals were as a direct result of Almiron & Longstaff failing to clear the ball when they had ample time to do so

The defence shakily did their jobs but the midfield as a whole caused us problems all night by being weak as piss
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The Owl

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As I expected after a decent performance we get a poor performance. Nothing creative in midfield and therefor no support in attack. Apart fron the keeper the defence is a bit of a mess. I expect a downward spiral after this with injuries mounting and exit from the Cup against Brentford.


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Shit performance,absolutely nothing in central midfield.
At least we can console ourselves with the news that fucker ower the pond's gone!

Sir Laz

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I feel sorry for Wilson must be lonely for him in the opposition half,this current crop of players couldn;t attack a plate of chips.Maybe they suffer from nose bleeds if they are over 30 yards from their own goal line.