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Southampton v NUFC


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What a fucking joke Almiron is. Awful player who makes Ketsbaia look like Messi.

No need to ask who was ‘marking’ (or lack thereof) the goal scorer.


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I never used to rate Hayden but he’s been arguably one of the best of bad bunch in the last year or so. How he can’t get in this team tells you everything about Bruce and his incompetence as a manager.


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Nice to see Lascelles going for a hot dog after Walcott told him to. Dumb **** that he is makes Bramble look like the master of concentration.


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An absolute shambles so far

Making a decent Southampton side look like world beaters

Weirdly still very much in the game though
No 'fret' as Parsnip would say but playing shite and only 1 - 0 down is more than an incentive to get something. That said, for us to be playing a potential 5 man midfield, Southampton's 3 are bypassing us with ease although theyve still not really threatened the goal.

Hopefully we pull our fingers out and shake it up as Sky are constantly wanking over Ward-Prowse and even mentioning he has the ball when it's clearly with someone else. Twats.


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Considering how shite they've been there's not much in it . Fernandez as the left sided centre half isn't working and Southampton have the side well scouted knowing the space is there between him and the naive Lewis. Walcott a lot of the time is playing off Hendrick who's just not in at all. Murphy has got forward on the right but hasn't had the quality to do anything of note. I think that could be where Newcastle can get something if they can get Longstaff into the game on that flank or if Maximin can overload on there instead of always playing centre-left .