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Soton summary


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We didn't look like we were at the races in the first half and that was down to Soton. As soon as the back 4 got the ball, their front 3 were all over them like a rash. Their MF stayed close to ours so Keogh et al had nowhere to go. We were put off our stride andtheir early 1st was a decent strike by Redmond that was going in and keogh stretched to get at it and we all know how that ended up. We struggled to get into the game and it wasn't looking good and I was glad half time arrived without us conceding again.

2nd half they scored even quicker than they had in the first. That would, for most teams, have been that. However, we know that this lot often only start to perform when 2 down. Lamps made a tactical swicth and we went 1-4-4-2 with Nuge coming on to replace Max Bird. Cue Derby to take the initiative. Two very good goals on 58 and 61 minutes made the tie very interesting indeed. Both sides had chances to get the winner. Them an 82nd minute close range header that went straight at Roos and then that last second Marriott effort that went over.

Strange to note that JM isn't getting the flak that Nuge got for his late miss against Boro........

The ref was slightly north of poor and he let Soton get away with a lot. I hope we get fairer treatment from whoever refs the replay.

Over the 90 a draw was the right result IMO.

Roos 6 no chance with either goal and did well

Bogle 6 grew into the game, as did everybody else. In attack you can see that he started out life as a winger.

Keogh 6 Not at fault for the goal and did well defensively but not at his best going forward

Tomori 7 His best game in half a dozen

Lowe 6 Average 1st half adjusting back to English football and permanently pressed by Soton. Still needs to learn not to commit too early

Bryson 6 did what he does and helped stop them creating

Evans 6 Adequate without excelling

Holmes 8 always looking to create something leaving the opposition in his wake

Marriott 7 always looking to create room for himself and others. Took the goal well

Lawrence 7 Great assist. Great goal. The injury forced rest seems to have helped him

Play like we did 2nd half from the start in the replay and we have a very good chance of progressing to round 4.
Couple of alternatives

Roos 6

Bogle 6

Keogh 4

Tomori 7

Lowe 4

Bryson 1 Gave the ball away at every opportunity, and fouled needlessly.

Evans 6

Holmes 8 MoTM

Marriott 6

Lawrence 7


Vital Reserves Team
Missing him out might not be my fault ;)

Not his best. As Janice used to (paraphrased) say on Thank your lucky stars...... "Oi'll give 'im foive"
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