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Everyone from Richard keys to amnesty international have an issue with the takeover for whatever salty reason they want to give. It's strange. It's strange because no one seems to have a problem with the British government being allies to saudi Arabia's genocidal aggression against Yemen, the poorest country in the middle East. Such good allies they have a weapons contract worth billions and the UK are practically Saudi Arabia's command centre when it comes to carpet bombing children pretty much anywhere in the middle East. No one seems to give a fuck about any of this, which by the way, is the tip of the iceberg of what's going on......UNTIL said Saudis want to purchase little old Newcastle. I have never seen as many bitter people, mostly so called journalists who choose to ignore the stories regarding the Saudis, who all of a sudden are now "concerned". Well all I can say I'm not one bit surprised and if this takeover actually happens this time, I'll have 2 pints of Richard keys' tears when the bars open.
I think you will find they do. A lot of it is just PR as in they have to say these things or else they will get ripped themselves. The rest is just banter.

To be fair they don't seem to be the most inclusive or role models.

I will still be supporting though as I have no morals.


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Strange how the Reuben Brothers don't get mentioned. Last year they were named as the second richest family in Britain yet it means nothing to those with an agenda