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So where does this leave us?

chris who

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Scally has probably had the best possible position given the lockdown etc.Unlike many others he sold season tickets. Currently we are possibly better off than many. But looking ahead that money is likely to be used up long before anyone takes their seats .By then a lot of other clubs could have already gone.Realistically there is no way all 47 lower division clubs will survive the summer. I have high Hope's we will at this moment anyway. Where league one and two will be at numbers wise is anyone's guess. Simply playing games in 2021 in front of a crowd at Priestfield will be a massive result.


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The word farcical is starting to edge into conversations about L1`s immediate future ! You`d have thought that, with a reduced menu of options produced by the EFL, it would be pretty straightforward to achieve a majority verdict - I mean, there are 23 clubs and the dividing line is 51%. Perhaps there`s a bit of a power struggle going on between the Boardrooms and the EFL, or, maybe, just the Boardrooms. Talk is now of a decision by June 8th !

The National League can`t finalise its policy yet as its situation is closely affected by what happens in L1 and L2.

Interestingly, the apparent confirmed relegation of L2 Stevenage into the National League isn`t a certainty after all. Seems that there is a clause which makes relegation of Stevenage conditional on them being able to commence (NL) competition next season (and gain revenue) at the same time that the EFL resumes.

Why a clause ? apparently it`s because, on the basis that National League is unlikely to resume until such time it can get paying fans back into the grounds (many think that will be into 2021) , the NL could find itself several months behind EFL teams in returning to competition. From a revenue and survival perspective, this would substantially handicap Stevenage.


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The answer was so simple:
a) void the season as if it never happened (nobody is penalised)
b) play all remaining games (nobody is penalised)

Surely you cannot have a situation where a club can be relegated when there are games left to play.


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This virus has caused real problems throughout the world, I think we should concerntrate on rebuilding not worrying about football.
believe me I am a as much of a sports fan as most on here, and I’ve demonstrated with my pockets for this club and supporters, but if people get the virus and die as a result, will it be worth it ?
the only defence is most countries are better prepared than they were January/February but why risk it.


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Scally has said it's impossible for the League 1 season to finish as it would cost us £350,000 to implement the testing and training regime needed to play the remaining 9 games.


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Scally has said it's impossible for the League 1 season to finish as it would cost us £350,000 to implement the testing and training regime needed to play the remaining 9 games.
I think that’s part of his ploy to get the PFA to pay for the testing side which I saw quoted as £140k.


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Exactly, although to our disadvantage, we have a few decent players out of contract.
I’ve read that Brentford are interested in Ehmer on a Bosman.
He’s nowhere near that level for me.
If he can get a move there he’ll be well set financially - good luck to him but can’t see it.
Agree with Nibs, Elmer is a good player in an average L1 side. I don’t see him getting any better offers higher up the pyramid. If he did, wouldn’t blame him for taking it though. He’s been a good servant for a few years.

Far more worrying is the thought of younger, more talented players moving. Apologies, I don’t know the contract details - but Ogilvie and Tucker for starters. (Seem to remember Tucker did sign an extension earlier in the season though)

chris who

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Been getting more and more cheesed off with the L1 'entitled' gang trying to force their own agenda while all other leagues have taken a decent and democratic decision. Found myself nodding in agreement with this guy...

Not sure I agree with everything he has written but certainly a well thought out argument and a decent conclusion all be it as he says it is going to be far from perfect.