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So What Bones Have You Broken?!

The Fear

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So come on then, what bones have you broken?

I split a knuckle being a bit naughty .... karma!

All my ribs, in several places (some removed, broken and put back in place) several times. Metal bar and clips held them up for a while.

So I probably win just on how many ribs there are.



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Ankle, elbow , collarbone , wrist , two toes , 4 fingers, thumb, neck
Nose 4 times.
Not counting slipped discs and dislocations etc

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Oh and a chipped bone on the bridge of my nose, my bad, up to no good!

And can I count my skull being cut open to access my brain?!


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This is like that scene in Jaws when they start showing shark bite scars.

I had an emergency appendectomy once. Cut through a good chunk of me, removed a section of my bowel owing to gangrene, then treated me for five days for blood poisoning. Do or die sort of stuff. The drugs though, were the ******* bizz: Morphine and Pethidine highs.

At one point, I was told to anally insert some paracetamol, which I could not do owing to the immense pain involved in the self-reach around. In the end, after some tooing and throwing the ward sister came down with the rubber gloves and a determined finger. She was none to pleased. I can't say I blame her. I'd been lying on my crack for days. Its amazing though how the combination of drugs and pain easily removed my usual sense of dignity. I could not thank her enough.


The Fear

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Oh no no no... don't even start me on operations, we'd be here all day.

This is a bone broken thread, for broken bones, none of your come day, go day appendectomies here sir... ! :17:


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My right arm and my left thumb. I was involved in an engineering accident in 1984 hence. Very nasty. I made the papers and local news over it. I was living in Sutton at the time. Only just moved back there and between jobs waiting to start the new chef job when it happened. Needless to say I couldn't. Long recovery. I don't do anything by halves


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When I was sixteen I fell off my bike and fractured my femur. The femur is in the leg and the biggest bone in the body. They drilled a hole right through my leg inserted a pin and put weights on traction to pull the bone back into shape. After that they put me in plaster from the neck to my toes to keep the leg in position. Finally I had to wear leg irons, took over six months to heal. I will just add that had I been wearing a helmet, I would still have broken my leg.

The Fear

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Villa_Grizzly - 28/8/2013 11:24

My scars are bigger than your scars. See you in the trinity later. Scar off.

Now you've done it....

6 inches back of head for brain op.

12inches top rib op

9.5 inches lower rib op

Numerous chest drain etc scars

5 inches appendix



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Just my ankle albeit a naughty one and talk about shark bites that's what my leg actually does look like after having 3.5 tonnes of raging steel go over it.