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So how was 2013 for you?

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Rebuilding year for me, thought I was at the end in 2012, took me another 3 odd months before things settled back to normal ill in 2013.

Then converted my garage properly into a gym and that has been my focus. It is what makes me happiest in life and what guts me the most when I can't do it.

Bit of a shocker with the business towards the end of the summer, thought things were looking up then a major advertiser went into administration owing us tens of thousands. However after over three months of negotiating that was sorted and monies paid... We move onward and upward into 2014 hopefully.

Realised in October just how exhausted I was, so took the plunge and went to Egypt on my own for a week. As some of you will remember, I wasn't sure if it was going to be ok or not, but loved it. Two weeks next year on my own, no doubt. Was therapeutic to just totally 'switch off'

So all in all, better than 2012, be difficult not to be, but not as good as I hope 2014 is.

All years are greatly enhanced by very good friends both on and offline, that does mean the world to me.


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I keep a diary (of sorts) and here are two of the entries -
13 January 2013 - I went to Birmingham yesterday to see Villa lose (yet again) to Southampton. It was otherwise an enjoyable day. I got to meet with Peter Worth and his daughter, Olivia. Peter is a baptist minister and comes across as a kind and good-humoured person. His Dad usually comes with them but he was sick and he was good enough to let me use his season ticket. So I got an excellent view of an indifferent match in first-class company.
31st December - Christmas Eve we met in Gabrielle's for our annual family Christmas pageant. It was excellent. I have come to the conclusion that this was the happiest I've been all year. Being with most of our grandchildren and four of our children and their spouses - what a huge blessing.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Lol, nice comeback BBJ!!

Hopefully you will get sorted soon Astonion and things will look up. No new admittance date yet?


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The Fear - 31/12/2013 14:03

Lol, nice comeback BBJ!!

Hopefully you will get sorted soon Astonion and things will look up. No new admittance date yet?
Thanks mate. Another pre op this coming Friday, booked in for the op on the 17th Jan. Hopefully third time lucky. I need to get this done now because its starting to make me very nervous. It like my lifes on hold.


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My diary had one entry too BBJ, 13th Jan, met a great bloke from J's site. We had a superb time together. What a lovely gent. Fear wasn't there.

2013 could have been, how you might say, better. Mum still in a world of her own in a care home (bless her), wife diagnosed with skin cancer, two operations later we wait for the all-clear! On the positive side, not had the debt collectors knock the door, saw Rammstein again, my son finally got a job (in Birmingham of all places) and Jose came back to my beloved football club!
talking of Rock Gods, I was sat in Munich airport waiting for an Easy Jet flight home back on Feb 20th 2013 when I could no longer resist the urge to go for a shit. Whilst sat on the bog I got a text message, from the wife, to tell me that Bruce Dickenson had just walked straight past her and had posed for pictures with a couple of Iron Maiden fans. It has to go down in the record books as the most inopportune shit I've ever had, except for when I shat myself once, but that's another story!


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I would say it's been a tough year. Struggled particularly in first half of the year with being depressed and people who I thought were good friends turned out not to be. Iv been waiting for this year to end pretty much from early on in the year so I can just move on. The years gone so fast I can't believe how quickly it has gone but I haven't enjoyed it in the slightest. Highlight has to be going to the British Grand Prix at silver stone lowlights I don't even want to think about.