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So, how is everyone feeling about Sunday?


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Betfred offered me 100/1 on him scoring in a brothel, but I said I would wait for the price to drift!
Tell you what Clive .I was on a continental lads trip some years back.We drifted into one of those establishments that had a nice bar and rooms upstairs. We all got a drink and the ladies were coming over to discuss certain things that could be of interest One of the lads nudged me and said 'crikey there are some tasty birds in here and I reckon we could pull em too '.Some people just drift through life, they really do


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To be honest, I am feeling quite relaxed about the upcoming final. I have witnessed two play-off finals, both at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. This will be my first at Wembley (although I was, naturally, at the Checkatrade Trophy final in 2018) and haven't (obviously) seen us gain promotion via the play offs,

This year, I think it will (finally) be our turn; our third final and Michael Appleton's third appearance as a manager without previously winning, so his third-time-lucky event, too. I am very confident and not at all getting nervous about the game.

Let's enjoy the day.


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Looking forward to the game midnight kick off here not great when at work at 6.Hoping the lads get the win after a great season would be fantastic for them the coaching team the board the fans and anybodylinked to the Lincoln city football club i think this year they have gone to another level.
Vital has also been great looked forward to reading the facts figues banter guys/ gals youve been great . You deserve championship football next year and even more especially when you can attend.


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Treating it like the Burnley game. Brilliant to be there, if we win what an unbelievable bonus.

Watched the semi games on the TV with my sons. They have been to the best and worst City games in the southern half of the Country, over the last 15+ years. But they were keen that I should go to Wembley with some old mates rather than all watch on TV.

Come on you Imps do it for all City fans everywhere.
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I shall also watching the final on TV with my son in the knowledge that I was not eligible for Wembley tickets as I am not a season ticket holder, nor ever have I been, despite going through thick and thin with City for 40-odd years. Good luck to all those going and enjoy the day. Just a shame that many of us diehards are missing out while a fair few Jonny-come-latelys, who jumped on the Cowley bandwagon, etc, will be cheering on the Imps. Such is life.

Up the Imps.
Exacty my sentiments too, promotion would be wonderful but I'm already dreading missing out on tickets next season after 40yrs plus of service but never a season ticket holder. I'll be watching with my 92yr old dad on the box, I desperately want him to see the Imps live at championship level, times not on his side. For those lucky ones, have a safe journey and cherish the experience.


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I disagree this could possibly be our best chance of promotion to the Championship ever. I am not saying it won't come around again but this season has presented us with a golden opportunity.

Next season will be a lot tougher than this on two counts lots of teams through promotion, relegation, takeovers etc will have a lot more money to spend than they had this season and we will be even further behind the big spenders. By MA's own admission this season we have attracted some unbelievable loan talent that we may not get the chance of again in such numbers. We may possibly be better next season but I think the opposition will ramp up considerably.

Let's be honest on our day we are as good if not better than anyone in this division and although everyone has Blackpool has hot favourites I just don't see it in a one off winner takes all match.

This is not a free hit this is a golden chance for something that most City fans haven't seen or can't remember in their lifetimes. I am excited and nervous because as history has proved this chance can sometimes take a long time to come round again. I was a young teen 39 years ago if we have to wait another 39 there is pretty good chance I won't be here to see it so come on Imps let's seize the prize and make some history!

I am sick and tired of hearing the "it's free hit brigade". Same shitty attitude that caused defeat against Bournemouth.

We are a professional club, get your fucking attitude right or we will be first place losers again.


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I wasn't looking forward to the Sunderland games but we did very well and I am sure we will give a really good account of ourselves and currently we have a 100% record at Wembley. I will remain hopeful of a positive result.


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I don't sleep well so I'm not convinced tomorrow is the reason I'm awake at 3 a.m.
I'll probably be pacing up and down in front of the TV all through the game but I'm cool at the moment.

Have a great day all of you attendees and I obviously hope we can do it. UTI!


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Where is everyone sitting. I’m in the purple section
My theatre room in Perth, Western Australia 🙄🤫

Have to admit I actually had a small panic attack before second the Sunderland game as I could see the first half pretty much exactly as it turned out. Just so glad when Hopper scored. They seemed to become disorientated and run out of ideas and we wshould have scored two more with the Grant penalty and McGrandles chances. Respect for their history but status has to be earned - that result put them in their place.
As for Sunday - I’m feeling more relaxed for some reason. Perhaps because we get the opportunity to play at Wembley in a huge final, which will be great for the youngsters and particularly the loan players. Their parent clubs will be delighted - how many young loan players get to finish their loan spell with a well-earnedWembley appearance?. Great opportunity for them and us, if we play to our potential. My wife said to me “I might watch the game with you”. I said “ no way - too superstitious” and she will probably talk during the game, so she’s banned 🤔😂🤣❤️
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I firmly believe that if you have the opportunity to win something or gain a promotion, however unexpected, you should take it, because you may never get the chance again.

In all likelihood should we go up, we will come straight back down like Wycombe and Rotherham and many people will whine because we will lose a lot of matches, but that would be the cost of the elation.

I don't think this team is "ready" for promotion but, though I'll get over the immediate disappointment should Blackpool win because I think good things are still around the corner, how do we know we won't end up like Bradford City, beaten in the L1 play off final four years ago? Maybe Shrewsbury thought they would build on their play-off (and EFL Trophy) final losses in 2018? Not that I think that will happen but you can only hope you get the chance to give it a go and see what happens.

Having experienced totally unexpected play off success last season - and even more remarkably staying up this season, this is the best way to get promoted - it was even without fans present...