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So Everything You Are doing Is Being Recorded - HAPPY?


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It is no surprise to me as I have had my eyes open for a long time now

there is an awakening though and the masses are starting to stir

I implore you to listen to this podcast as it will explain a lot of what is happening right now

One of the largest leaks of classified information ever divulged about U.S. Government clandestine surveillance and monitoring efforts hits the media, confirming many things Dan has said over the years

The Fear

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Going to be interesting how the new proposed laws pan out.

Some of my communications on here/email etc could certainly be misinterpreted if taken out of context! LOL


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While we are on the topic, I'll tell you what really grates me about these conspiracy guys like Alex Jones. They start off with something normal enough like this thing with Prism and the US Government spying on everybody but before long they are off on one about aliens and Freemasons. Alex Jones in particular gets going on something and does well but he's such a fucking blow hard that he can't help himself. I bet he talks to himself in the bathroom. Stick to the point, Alex! Focus, Alex, focus.

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The fundemental principle behind democracy is that authority is fallible. That's why we vote. So we can decide what the rigth course of action is. If authority can make mistakes or act against our interests then why on Earth would we want to give them unlimited access to everything we do. Even if you think today's leaders are incapable of misusing the infpormation they have on you what about tomorrows? Or the government fifty years from now? Who knows what they could use this information for.


David Icke makes me laff tbh lol i luv waching his documentry on youtube about him claiming the royal family are reptiplians lol i luv'd it and fully recommend a watch if your bored!