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Smith gone


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My hope for Brentford is that you can secure a young up and coming gaffer to continue with the same footballing philosophy.

(Slightly off topic but I am desperate to get down to Griffin Park before the ground goes - are there still four pubs on four corners of a crossroads still?)

Oh... and Vital Bees. Please come back. As a Stockport County fan and knowing how it was Brentford fans who contributed the most money out of all clubs fans when we were in serious trouble ... I and quite a few County fans have a soft spot for your club.

Love to see this little community spark back into life again!


I have never known anything quite like this. The loss of a reasonably successful manager is usually seen as a disaster, and much hate is expressed for the club they are going to. It seems to me that everybody is quite relaxed about it, and also being very mature in so far as they are saying thanks and good luck, which is being much appreciated by the Villa fans.

I think it is a measure of how much people trust Matthew Benham. Brentford have a system, it is a well run club and we will find somebody to fit in and hopefully somebody who has some of the qualities that Dean Smith lacked. for example, his tactical match management has been perceived as lacking as well as an inability to profit from dominance and to close games out.

As somebody who goes back to the mid-fifties I must say that in addition to the emotional attachment that you get after all that history, I'm very proud to be a Brentford supporter today. I have had severe concerns after the Warburton, Dikhuizen and Academy events, and I am not a fan of both DF's but like everybody else right now I trust the owner. We might not get it 100% right but we are moving forward one way or another.


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Hi Spanish - that is good to hear.

It sounds like a lot of football clubs could learn a thing or two by understanding the Brentford way of doing things.

And for the exact opposite reason, a lot of clubs could learn loads by NOT doing what Stockport have done.

Best wishes from the North.

Hello Cropped,

I lived near Stalybridge just off the Woodhead Road in the mid-seventies when we were both in the Fourth Division. I came to Edgeley Park and seem to remember a 1-1, but I'm not sure. Hope things get better for you.

I think Thomas Frank is a very good appointment, much better than a big name. He knows the club and the players so we get continuity, and then they can recruit an assistant to cover his weak areas, which they should already know. It is not guaranteed to work but it has a good chance.


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Hi Spanish

Aaah yes, Stalybridge a.k. Stalyvegas (though the bars and liveliness on the 90's and early 00's are now gone). Still has the amazing Stalybridge Buffet Bar on the station which is thriving though.

I am keeping tabs on the Bees now... wrong end of a 7 goal thriller last night I see but hopefully Frank will slot in and growth and progression will resume.




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Spanish... you are right! The best result for County in 5 years and possibly 10. The whole club feels re-energised. It's amazing just what one result can do. Bristol Rovers or Barnet away in the next round - again not the best of draws but it is possible we could enter the 3rd round.

County v Brentford in round three? I will buy you a pint or two should that happen!

All the best from Stockport!

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Have to say Smith has been a breath of fresh air at Villa. He's head and shoulders over all the managers we've had in the last ten or so years purely because he so clearly wants to get the ball forward. We've had so much negativity I almost forgot what it was like to play attacking football.