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My sky+ isn't working. Its not recording. Ive looked on the website etc and still I cant see what the problem is.... is anyone else having the same issue. Please help me before the sky box meets the wall!!!!


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david-avfc - 4/11/2013 19:42

Barney2004 - 4/11/2013 19:40

Yeah ive turned it on and off etc...
Stumped me then. :81:

actually, have you unplugged it and replugged it in?
This. The sky box needs the power lead removing to force a proper reboot - the on/off switch doesn't do it. I think there's also a technique of holding down the 'up' button on the top of the box when powering up - this may force it into reset (but I am only vaguely recalling this bit, so don't complain to me if it deletes all your recordings!)

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Turn it off for at least five mins by the mains.

Back in and leave in standby for a minute.

Click TV then sky on remote.

That, they say, re-sets it.

Must admit I've never had a problem ringing sky and I had loads of sky+ box problems! replaced three times! refused a fourth! got a one terabyte instead and touch wood! been far more reliable.

I pay the sky repair monthly insurance thing now due to the previous problems


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Bollocks to paying insurance for the box. If my box fails they have a choice, replace it or lose £90 a month. I like sky, but not enough to get shafted by a protection racket.


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I have Virgin Media at home, if it breaks they fix it for free I think. As Wurzel said I'm sure they'd prefer to repair the box for free than lose a customer. Virgin media is just as good if not better than sky now, its not like 10 years ago when sky were the only company with all the digital channels

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To be fair Wurzel, I've had them go wrong so often, including the lnb on the dish, that it costs me less to insure than it does to pay for repairs. I gave them that sort of ultimatum once, (wouldn't take the 4th box) went through to the cancellation department etc. They didn't take me up on the 'give me a terrabyte machine or I'm off) but then did say how much it would cost to upgrade, think it was £250 ish, and that they could give me sky for 9 months half price to more than compensate me.

Thought it fair enough!