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sky sports presenters row - n/g


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Speaking as an occasional Sky Sports viewer/listener if i`m honest, I don`t generally like listening to the current batch of female commentators when it comes to men`s EFL games. Mainly, because the standard, IMO, is generally poor. An exception for me is Bianca Westwood. Maybe, in time, there will be an increase in the number of women commentators who are employed more for their ability than what they look like. Come to think of it, if Radio Kent is anything to go by, there are plenty of male commentators of poor quality still holding the mike.

Similarly, I don`t generally like men commentating on the womens` football matches. IMO it comes across better if the commentary is by a woman who has deeper knowledge of the players and game at that level. Just my honest preference when it comes to football commentary, I suppose that makes me a sexist individual - so i`ll just have to hold my hands up and take the flak.