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Sky claim Eriksen wants back..

The Bale situation has seriously soured my 'loan' appreciation. If you are asking do i want ANOTHER very epensive loan then i would say no, not at all.

However, as others have pointed out, if it was a case of Dele moving to PSG on loan and his 'savings' covering the Eriksen loan then yes i would say thats a solid move.

Things to consider

I think Dele earns a lot less than Eriksen. I reckon 50% less. If we have to pay then no, i dont think Eriksen is worth anymore per week than Dele.

If Dele has a success out in France then i truly hope he gets his move, we cant be arseholes about it.

If Eriksen is a success at Spurs, thus benefitting Eriksen & Inter i bet a pound to a pinch of shit he would move on to the next big thing and wouldnt give Spurs a second thought.

Personally, with the rejuvinated Ndombele beside Hojbjerg i am wondering if a space for Dele might be there in the advanced midfield position. I would give Dele another chance before trying to rescue Eriksen from his money based nightmare

Agree. I'd rather keep Dele than bring back Eriksen. Either way, we'd have to utilize the midfield more.


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Can we even take Eriksen on loan? I believe 3 is the limit and we already have Bale, Fernandes and Vinicius. Granted I presume this would be rather quickly resolved by returning Fernandes but it doesn't help to fit Eriksen in the squad for Europe due to home grown quotas.