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Sky Brown (Olympic Skateboard hopeful)


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Anyone see this on yesterday's BBC new? Sky Brown is a very young female Olympic skateboard hopeful who unfortunately had an arm put into a cast following a training accident. For most of the interview it's on her left arm, however at the end (when seen dancing) it's on her right. In addition, her dad says it was lucky she was wearing a full face helmet, but in footage of the accident the helmet goes not look what I would consider to be full face. Have the BBC been manipulated?
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I did watch it Rotherhithe, but I wasn't paying as much attention to it as you was. It did look a nasty accident though. I don't know much about skateboarding, but couldn't they fit some sort of safety side rails up so that this doesn't happen again.


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My boys are into skateboarding, so saw the video of her accident a couple of weeks ago. By full face helmet, I'd assume he's referring to the fact it covers the sides of her face too (see around 1m34 in this video -

The bit about the cast is strange though. In the BBC interview when her dad is listing the injuries she suffered, he mentions she fractured 2 fingers on her right hand, but doesn't mention anything about her left arm, which was the one in the cast when she was in the hospital. Reports at the time did say she'd broken her left wrist though.


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I assume the right hand cast dance was from a different injury?

Someone needs to be looking after her. Breaking all these bones at her age won't be good for her when she gets older.

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They should make a film about her. How about "Reach for the Sky".

(a lame attempt at a joke for us oldies on here)
Ps - not meant as a mickey take of this talented and brave young woman.