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Skeggy - Spring

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)

Can you please officially agree that Spring is upon us.

I would have done it myself but you are very very exacting with such things.

March 10th I believe but we all, on Vital, will wait for your official confirmation.

btw, if this is spring, I think I preferred winter.


Father Of The Forum
Fear, I think you'll find that Skeggy is of the opinion that spring will not begin until after the equinox on 21st March.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
OOoh, you know what BBJ, I might have got all mixed up.

Ooooooh dear. Now I'll have to face the wrath of Skeggy and his exactness for such protocol.

Oh when oh when will I learn. :21:


Father Of The Forum
I'll divert the wrath by pointing out that I do not entirely support Skeggy's position on this subject. I'm a 1st March man myself. (Others, and here Skeggy and I find ourselves on the same side of the argument, opine that it's 1st February.)
But, looking out the window, it all seems rather academic as Chorley is somewhat like Siberia at midnight at the winter solstice.


Vital Football Legend
What day does spring start?
The Magazine answers...

One spring tradition
It's snowing but according to the Met Office spring has sprung. Others disagree. So what day does spring start?

Much of the country is in the grip of icy winter weather but according to the Meteorological Office spring is here.

It classes the first day of spring as 1 March, saying March, April and May are regarded as the spring months. But traditionally spring has started on the night of 20/21 March and a row has erupted over the official date.

"You would not regard the first three weeks of June as spring, yet historically summer does not start until 21 June," says a spokesman for the Met Office. "Equally, the bulk of people now regard 1 March as the first day of spring."

The above link probably won't help but it shows others argue over the actual date of spring too