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Please post all your opinions on the new site, any ideas you might have, changes you'd like to see and if you see any errors.

If you want to alert a post to me if you feel it is out of order e.g racist, abusive etc then simply click alert at the top of the post.


Vital Reserves Team
What happened to all our old post counts ???

It's taking a little while for me to find my way around this site .

And where did my Trundle sig go ???


Vital Youth Team
how bout a new block on the site, you had it b4 when u 1st had ur php werbsite. - the forums scroling bar, so the latees posts would be at the top.

makes it a little easier :)
unfortunately i am unable to change anything on the site at the moment but they've got a lot planned for a 2nd phase of work which will let publishers change the order and add some content i think.


Vital Squad Member
Staff member

Does this serve the purpose you want? If not let me know.


well basically mike, on the last site i had a block which showed the last 3 updated forum topics. There's usually a small space at the bottom right of the home page, maybe we could have something like that there? maybe something to consider in phase 2 mike?


Vital Reserves Team
Lately I've been regularly going into the 'Stadium Game' Thread to find time and time again there are no responses. What I thought (and I know they do on other forums) is that when there is activity in a thread or somebody has replied to one of your posts you receive an e-mail. Saves constantly looking and refreshing the page constantly.

What do you think?