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I feel that Ian Brown should get special recognition from the club. I rely totally, as an expat fan, on his comprehensive Match reports. I don't know how he does it putting them on the web early in the morning after an evening match and I thank him. I was talking to a couple of friends yesterday, one who supports a premiership team and the other who supports a normal team i.e. League two, and they couldn't believe the information that was put out for us after a match. Bearing in mind this is not an official club website I think it is excellent. Arise Sir Ian!
Incidentally those, who like me, were keeping abreast of the score on the Football webpages App would have seen that we lost one nil to Chorley. A result I quite expected so you can imagine my euphoria when I logged onto the BBC and found out, typically of County, we had won. Incidentally the Flash Score App was spot on and I think I shall follow that in the future to get nearly up-to-date score flashes. It's a pity that Altrincham won four nil as we would have been in a better position in the league.


Vital Squad Member
Football Web Pages app - shame on you! That is a shocker. They rely on a number of people to give their scores as matches develop so I do not know what must have happened there!

Going back to Ian, apart from his writing he is also an integral part of Help The Hatters.. so today or tomorrow Ian and a small gang of equal worthies will be cleaning the stands of rubbish.

I think Ian is also part of the Supporters Co-op.

As you say, he really is a fantastic supporter of the club!
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