Siderian (n/g)


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The latest music video from Siderian featuring yours truly.

I warn you now, it's pretty heavy.


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I thought that was good. You look like you know what you're going for and your nailing it.

The name sounds a bit like one of those construction to pension paying conglomerates which keep issuing profit warnings.


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Enjoyed the video and song. Bit light to what I've been listening to of late. My daughter fronts a doom metal band, and all she does is growl lol
Keep up he great music though :-)


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Nice one Herr- great effort which ones you ?

If you lot need any sports science input - as the fingers tend to get tied up in lactic acid after twenty mins of finger picking grunge style - also your barro receptors will be under great stress during the head banging LOL
Good luck with the band


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HerrLjunga - 10/2/2018 08:46

LSB2 - What's the name of her band? I love a bit of doom!
They haven't released anything yet, as she's replacing her boyfriend on guitar, not in life though lol They were called Mistake, but I think the bee band will be called Wound...