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Sick Chinese feckers!!!


One Bloody Number
Animal cruelty for animal cruelty's sake. Seriously what is the point in these things?

CNN and other internet sources have uncovered a souvenir scheme in China that seems like a sick joke, but isn’t. Live animals—turtles, fish, lizards and other amphibians—are being trapped in tiny plastic bags and sold as decorative key chains. Vendors claim that the bag contains crystallized oxygen and nutrients designed to keep the animals alive, but in reality, most die within a day or less due to oxygen deprivation. What’s even more shocking is that thanks to China’s lax animal protection laws, most customers are encouraged to microwave and then eat the animals upon their demise.


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Couldn't you just cry at how people treat animals. Such a shame. NO respect for life. Same as the selling of rhino horn powder etc, proven not to work (they sell it in their ancient herbal remedies) as it is basically not much different to our finger nails, build up of dead skin or whatever.

IF not for all that, we'd not have so many animals on the edge of extinction.


One Bloody Number
Yeah the Rhino Horn thing is annoying too.

It's just lack of education isn't it. So many of them still believe it has magical powers. If we could educate them that it's actually useless then maybe less people would buy it meaning less rhino's would die.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Such fabulous creatures, same as elephants etc. Just can't imagine why people think their slaughter is a good thing. You can understand the poachers in Africa, they are so poor etc... but if there isn't a demand, they don't get to do that.


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You're talking about a country that has no problem dragging a pregnant women from her home and forcing her to have an abortion due to the 1 child per family rule.

nothing surprises me.



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Was watching a programme not so long ago about Rhino's and Elephants and this I think English bloke who owns this big game reserve in Africa actually cuts the ivory off himself under sedation to stop the poachers.He now has a massive warehouse of ivory now worth millions and he's now thinking of selling it if he can get permission to help fund the running of the reserve thought it was a very good idea myself.


Whenever i watch Elephants on documentaries about this kinda stuff i get upset, i luv elephants maybe cos they are chubby and have big heads and ears like me but it is just sad what we do to animals, we are supposed to be the intelligent specie of the planetpfff

gator that what you said about that bloke cutting them off himself is a cracking way to stop them poachers that stops the ba*tads from killing them for money and helps protect them great idea thy


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Elephants are my favourites Clive such a moving scene when you see them mourning their dead especially when they have been butchered.What i would also do if he gets permission to sell the ivory is maybe employ the poachers as well paid rangers with bonus incentives for every bit of ivory they protect which gets sold.


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Its not like its just one or two species to be fair we're not good for this planet...

You know when we say we need to save the planet thats not what is going on we should be saying lets save ourselves because the planet will still be here... It will survive all our pollution and crazy experiments and disregard for nature we're just a little blip...

I do enjoy the idea that the planet is one giant organism and natural disasters are its way of trying to get rid of us and kill us...

Back on topic, is China an example of what happens when too many people occupy one place? Compassion and ethics fly out the window or is it just their culture?


One Bloody Number
Elephants are great. Very intelligent animals too, they can recognise humans by their voice and actually hold a grudge.

While on Safari in South Africa our ranger told us that this one elephant whenever he heard a certain ranger would go into a mood and just turn his back. He was perfectly fine and friendly for all the other rangers. Fascinating.

I do wonder what the one ranger did to get him so upset though. Maybe he tried to touch his trunk when he was young? lol


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Let's face it, someone needs to give everyone in China a very big slap! The vast majority of endangered species are being threatened with extinction due to Chinese "medicine" (see tigers and rhinos), trinkets (elephant ivory) or furniture (rosewood from Madagascar being cut down & destroying lemur habitats.
I know some people will say that there are "cultural differences" that should be respected, but the Chinese put so much money and effort into saving the pandas, yet at the same time don't seem to give a toss about anyone else's animals.
I say we start importing panda meat to the UK, just to see what reaction it gets.


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Not just that if you want to get into the rest there is the thousands of trees cut down for disposable chopsticks which they could reuse... Coal fired plants popping up all over the shop and 26 or so of the 30 odd Nuclear reactors under construction are in China...

Not that we're much better but with that many people its a place gone crazy and in many ways its the Wests fault...