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Should a Baker be allowed to refuse to make wedding cake for a gay gouple?


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Some baker in the USA is being taken to court by a pair of gay fellas because he refused to make their wedding cake. Should he be allowed to refuse?

Personally I think it's his decision to serve whoever he likes in his own private business, and if his beliefs be they religious or otherwise mean he chooses not to then fair enough?

I wonder if people could take other businesses or individuals to court for refusing their custom on other grounds based around religious beliefs.
For example if I was having my party down the islamic community centre and wanted them to serve alcohol?



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Some other knobhead refused to bake a cake for a kid named Adolf Hitler. I guess it's his choice but he's a knob. You are a baker, just bake the bloody cakes!

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It's a free world (or supposed to be) so surely you if it's your business, you can decide who and who you don't want to do business with...... freedom of choice.

The gay guys obviously have something against the guy. Why aren't they man enough to just get over it and find another baker.

Talk about having you cake and eating it.....
BodyButter - 7/6/2013 17:23

HeathfieldRoad1874 - 8/6/2013 02:14

If this was a black couple, rather than a Gay one, would your views change?
No, I'd still think he was a knob.
LOL. Fair enough!!!!!!! :13:

I suppose I should have said "Those that think he has the right to refuse anyone, would it make any difference".
He sounds like a knob but I do object to the concept of a business being forced to take on a client. If the guy becomes known as a knob he will lose customers and his business will go down........but it's his choice. It seems freedoms have been even more eroded by the so called liberal left than I realised.
Just to add, UK law allows you to refuse service to anyone. However it's wise to not give a reason as, unless you are legally protected you are libel to prosecution for discrimination.


If he dosnt agree with Gay marriage then Im suppose he is just sticking to his principles.


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Green Tea - 7/6/2013 18:28

If he dosnt agree with Gay marriage then Im suppose he is just sticking to his principles.
If he gave that as a reason he could be sued for discrimination in the same way that the Christian Bed and Breakfast owners were who refused to let a gay couple take a double bedroom.
I was just about to reference the B&B over here.

Torn on it really, a B&B is an extension of your home and for whatever reason you should be able to turn down 'business' for whatever reason you want - although the law clearly doesn't allow that.

A hotel is different obviously as there is no personal element to that.

As is a baker unless the cake involved certain designs shall we say that were objected to, then I can fully understand that, unless said baker in this scenario had a history of creating crack and titty cakes in the past and then offence presumed or otherwise wouldn't apply.

I'm not really sure how personal beliefs could be offended by icing some sponge?

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The baker sounds an utter twat. Hope he goes bust as more decent people exercise their right and go shop elsewhere.

Ffs, he bakes cakes, get a grip you pillock.

Does he have a right to refuse? Not sure. Does he have the right to discriminate? I very much, legally, doubt it.