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Sheff utd v newcastle


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I would stick with Bruce and watch us sink to the depths of relegation. The proposed take over will be a distant dream (if it was anything else) and we will be a bog standard Championship side. Ashley will have a white elephant and mediocrity will once again be the norm. Attendances if they ever get back to normal will be around the 20k mark and Sky can fill the coffers of the 'top six' to their hearts content, but not with my money.


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The only time I have ever seen a Newcastle team play that badly is when John Carver was in charge. The players have chucked the towel in for me. Not sure what Bruce could do to turn this around now, even if he knew how. He simply has to go.


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Spot on good article let’s hope some of those other idiots on the tele take note of what is being said and stop making excuses for Bruce and the rest of the management team and their negative football. Ashley is too stubborn to change things by the time he does it will be too late same as Rafa and Shearer the damage will be done and the Championship may well beckon once again. It’s a shitfest as we all know!