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Sheff Utd v Aston Villa Match Thread - Wed 3 March @ 6pm - BT


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Really low quality game. Maybe Sanson could get on the ball in midfield and add some composure. Barkley will no doubt be the man to come on.
There is a case to change all 3 in MF tbh. I think at 1-0 down Marv does not offer enough going forward, McGinn has not got the ability to put a stamp on the game where we have a lot of possession and Ramseys performance looks poor because of McGinn.

I'd probably go with taking McGinn off because IMO his jobis to drive the team forward and get on the ball. He has to pick up Marvs slack in attack and he isnt doing it.
Insipid, uninspiring football. McGinn has been absolutely dog. Genuinely don't think he's done one thing right so far tonight.
He's a grafter runner and we are asking him to be creative, That's something he isn't at this level. we don't need two defensive mids today. I know some thinks he's better further forwards but he's not he's in no man's land.
Why does everything go left side just run through the middle now and then


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Pass to each other and not into a space where Sheff nip in first. I wish we had wingers who strove for the byline. Too much passing in our own half before just hoiking it upfield.