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Sheff U game


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Anybody watch it? Just sat through it this afternoon. Sheffield were like a pub team. Our lads generally looked pretty decent against said walking pace pub team (as they should) with the exception of Lascelles, who played exactly as he always does. Repeatedly out of position and trying to recover with varying degrees of competence. He got a 7 in the paper. I must be missing something. Surely first out of the team if we do get some investment and a decent manager.


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Yep watched it but it's hard to judge really. Were we any good or were Sheffield United just a lot worse and had played a few days before? Best game for Ritchie in a while, Miggy seemed excellent and Maximin was always dangerous but a lot of the same problems were there. People run off Shelvey too easily , he generally played well but there are always occasions in every game where he leaves a hole right in the centre of the midfield for the opposition to exploit . Danny Rose looked unfit, overweight and nothing like an international quality full back. I thought Lascelles was the better of the two centre halfs and it was Manquillo who abandoned Sharps for the big Sheffield United chance. Sounds negative but they gifted us a goal and had a man sent off. Can't pretend I won't enjoy it if we stuff Villa the night though.


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Another post where yet again Lascelles is singled out for having a bad game - I genuinely don't understand it

England International, Danny Rose has been stand out shit since he came here and barely gets a mention- He was awful on Sunday and looks like he's here on his holidays

I was genuinely pleased for Joelinton getting a goal (a goal he worked hard to score) after his shocking miss in the first half

Even before they had their man sent off I thought we looked comfortable - scoring goals against 11 men is always going to be a challenge though when Almiron and Joelinton squander too many very good chances
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In an ideal world, the new owners will come in and just rip up Lascelles' contract with a nice payout on the strict provision that he agrees not to darken the doors of another football club again.

Quite simply, he's not even good enough for League 1. Awful player.


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Having watched it I thought that Newcastle played pretty much how you would expect them to play with the standard of players they have and with cabbage head as manager. Not pretty to watch and very functional, combined with strikers well I will leave it as they can't really be called strikers. Fuck knows how Sheffield have got to where they are in the table, watched both our games against them and they were utterly shite in both. Although you could say the same about Newcastle.
I thought Hayden was our best player again and for me, he is one of the first players id pencil in. His contract is up soon and to think, Arsenal sacrificed him for buttons and he'd walk into their midfield at present. Lost count at the amount of successful slide tackles that Hayden accumulates.


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Hayden's been a real steady eddie and a model pro. How many footballers would have downed tools when they didn't get their transfer especially with family issues ?


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We are the same as a lot of clubs in the league mediocre at best. Sheffield Utd being so far up the table proves this. It’s strange watching games with no crowds. The Villa game was awful we were all over the place. But 4 points closer to safety after these games.
There are more posts on the Villa game I guess we are more used to moaning about games rather than recognising when we do well like the Sheffield Utd game.


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aye - the tone of the match day threads on here always reads like Ashley has spent absolute fortunes on players and they continually let people down

Its a strange forum for that - I'd say every poster on here knows how destructive Ashley has been here but some still seem to have expectations of the players way beyond their value
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We played well for us in this game. The team has done well this season considering all the changes. I think we are all just more waiting for this never ending takeover saga to end, especially since we are pretty much safe now which was the main thing at the start of the season. Not necessarily an unambitious target but an important one to keep us progressing.