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sex offenders list?


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A teacher caught having an affair with her 17-year-old pupil is now living with him in her marital home, two months after being placed on the sex offenders’ register.

Eppie Sprung Dawson, 27, lost her job and her marriage after being discovered half-naked in a layby with teenager Matthew Robinson.

She narrowly escaped a prison sentence and is now working behind a bar in Dumfries.

But she has moved the boy she was caught with into her house, to the distress of his parents who are appealing to him to come home.

Matthew, now 18, left his parents’ farmhouse last week after a row with his mother over failing to tidy his room. He is now living with his former teacher and they fear he may not return.

The teenager’s mother, Sheree Robinson, said: ‘We had a normal family row about his room being untidy and he just left. He rang Eppie to come and pick him up.

‘We don’t know what she is after and what is in her mind.

‘I think the whole family are still in shock. You send your child to school and you expect them to to be safe.

'She is a sex offender - she has abused her power and her position to gain the trust of a child and to do this.

‘Given he was 17 when this happened, she should have gone to jail.’

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bit stupid as he was 17 and a lucky sod imho, is the sex offenders list really for this type of thing?


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Too right Skegg we never had teachers like that they all looked like my nan when I was at school.Weird old place Dumfries went on the drink there one Sunday afternoon they all talk broad Scottish even though Carlisle is just down the road.


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The age of consensual sex is 16 so wtf was she prosecuted for. Fine she over stepped her boundary of a teacher/pupil relationship and losing her job was enough, IMO.

As for the parents, of-course it will make them sick, however if they don't find a way to work through this then they will lose him. They don't have to like the relationship to except it. he is 18. Sod all they can do about it.

Have contact with him. Let him know the door is open if he wants to come home anytime, with no recriminations. That's what they can do

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Age of consent is, as we all know, 16. He was 17. Her age isn't massively different, if 30 years difference maybe you could understand a bit more.

Position of trust etc so can understand the dismissal but not how she has been put on the sex offenders list.

Happy for anyone who knows to educate me on that point.
If it had been joe bloggs they probably wouldn't have gone on the register, but it's to make the point about 'vulnerable' children and position of trust ie she could be sacked as a teacher.

There's no criminal charge technically for sex with a person of legal age for consent in this case, so the register element and charge based on the position of their job is so somebody in that position can't apply for a CRB check to work with kids again and pass it freely, despite being previously sacked for a breach of conduct.

Not sure if there's a difference between school affiliated 6th form and straight college here because despite all the mentions of school, at 17 he wasn't 'in' school.

But you rarely here of lecturers or college professors being charged so it may be because she worked in an environment dealing with U16s.

That's how I've always understood it anyway.


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At 17 I think the guys knows what he wants, I don't see how it's an offence. Not exactly a child who doesn't understand what's happening