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Seriously, though


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Since Randystand came out, I read everything he posts as being related to his sexuality.

He said that he'd just bought a car and my first thought was a pink MX-5.

He said that he was thinking about moving to London and my first thought was that he was moving down there to hang out with all the queers on Old Compton Street.

Randy has been on here for quite a long time. He's a good lad and a solid villan but since he's come out, he's completely one dimensional in my mind. No longer does he have a full and rounded personality. He is entirely governed by his sexuality like some screaming homo in a g-string at a gay rights parade.

I know I'm not the only one on here who has this problem.

Sorry, Randy. I'm not sure what I can do about this but I guess just being aware of it is a start.

Try not to crash your MX-5 while putting on your lippy, eh. ;)


One Bloody Number

When Randy said about moving down to London I nearly replied with "Don't you mean Brighton?" but managed to refrain....

So glad I'm not alone.

All in jest obviously, Randy is a top lad,