Sergio Agüero


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Some long overdue acknowledgement of Sergio Agüero including a recognition (& the same surprise we have been expressing for some time) of how unfathomablly it is that he has never won the PFA Player of the Year and only ever been nominated once.

An admission of the ‘conscious bias’ that has been so evident since he joined Manchester City.

:005: to the man on the cusp of becoming Manchester City’s highest ever goal scorer
Sergio is now even better now with Guardiola's guidance, a man who every Premier League Club would love to have on their team, yet always fail to select him for the team of the year, who knows how many goals he will set the record at before he finishes at City, He has just written himself into the record books for ever, he had already with the goal against QPR, but this is a milestone in scoring,


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His goals per minute/game ratio is outstanding and it is frustrating that it has taken until this milestone has been achieved for his quality to be acknowledged. For the BBC to post that sequence and express some ‘incredulity’ that he has never won the PFA award and only ever been nominated once feels like a bit of a p*ss take.

WTF were you watching for the past six seasons? I would lay good odds that had he played for the rags he would have won the PFA award at least three times.

We are lucky to have him and be witness to what he can do.

Truly a City Legend :021:


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Lovely stuff.

Aside from THE goal one of my favourites is the one he smashed past Petr Cech with his left foot at Stamford Bridge a few seasons back. Not sure why it sticks in my mind but possibly because it was with hisweaker foot and he absolutely leathered it. Cech barely saw it.

So many good memories.

Loved the way he busted a gut to get into the area after flicking the ball to De Bruyne yesterday in the build up to the third goal. :001:


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This from Garth ‘Gabblemouth’ Crooks......

“The most remarkable feature of this outstanding achievement by the Argentine is that Leicester's Jamie Vardy has won the converted Footballer of the Year award and his team-mate Rihad Mahrez the PFA Players' Player award, while Aguero has won neither. How can that be? He is one of the few world-class strikers in the Premier League and has an unparalleled goalscoring record, yet finds himself unrecognised by football's elite.

It would be quite shameful if we allowed this man to leave these shores without paying him the honour his services deserve. He has been the best striker in the league for years.”

Well bugger me sideways with a fish fork. WTF Garth? Where the hell have you been for the past six seasons in making this sort of plea? Nowhere is my guess as I cannot recall there being any major support from you or other uk sports journalists pushing Sergio’s case since he arrived and started playing for ‘moneybags’ City. Just as the original starting point of this thread - it has taken until Sergio has approached this milestone for his quality to be acknowledged which says everything you need to know about the quality of many football pundits. Including Garth ‘I ask the daftest questions’ Crooks.

We all know that Herry Kane is nailed onto get the award this season and I would bet that by the time the boting gets done, I dare say Garth ‘ex-Spurs’ Crooks will be banging on about his ‘Arry deserves to be recognised :004:

Oh and this may be :053: but where the **ck is John Stones in your Team of the Week?


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I'm not sure what caused me to look at it today but you are right - it is utter pants (like most of the stuff that he offers)
Poor Garth, apparently he looks like that because he was doing the sucking helium trick to make his voice squeaky but he sucked in too much, the wind changed and the poor fecker was left like that.

Let that be a lesson to you kids, don't suck helium.