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Seasonal Thoughts & Thanks

As ever, I'd like to extend the Christmas good wishes to all who contribute and put up with all things NUFC.

Christmas is a time of reflection for many things and those that have lost someone will feel it a bit more this time of year. I feel we can do so too with the version we have of NUFC now being an embarrassing imposter of what our club used to stand for and do for us.

Newcastle definitely being a religion and one that we followed and believed in massively at one point but now being exposed as a fraud and nothing to believe in. A bit like Santa...

Anyway, I may not contribute as often as I used to as there's pretty much nothing left to say or find out about the Ashley version of the club but im here every day and will be until we can finally rid ourselves of the nightmare before during and after Xmas. The ultimate hope being that we can start to believe again one day.

Again, thanks to those that contribute and have an enjoyable holiday period.


Vital Football Hero
A Merry Xmas to everyone. Ghosts of Xmas past remind me of selection boxes, tins of toffees, extra large bars of Cadburys whole nut and a copy of Oor Wullie or The Broons. Still, I enjoyed those days so much.


Vital Champions League
Nice words, Toony.

In our house, we lost the mother in law last weekend. It is 99% + certain that it is my father's last Christmas so we are doing it twice, goose today and turkey tomorrow with all his descendants around the table. Part 1 has been a fantastic family time. We are even hoping for an NUFC win despite Ashley.

Hoping everyone has had a great day and wish you all well for next year.