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SeasideTonys Bob Hats' Travels

Bob The Hat

Vital Youth Team
Hello Everyone :tophat:
Well another winless away game for me.
Sincil Bank was a new ground for me.
I saw a couple of posters off here there - I can understand why people refer to the Pickering geezer as Jonah. Everytime I bump in to him we never seem to win.
Hey ho onwards we go I am hoping to take in Wycombe and Wimbledon on the near future - some more new grounds and I'm hoping I can bring us some good luck on the road.
See some of you soon - UTMP.
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Vital Champions League
I rather think that it's YOU that's the Jonah Bob. Stay away from games for now won't you - be a good lad. Otherwise, Tony will find you...

Bob The Hat

Vital Youth Team
Good Morning Everyone :tophat:

Well another long journey and another winless game on the road.
I managed to cadge a lift to Wycombe - a new ground for me, and the performance on the pitch didn't match my efforts to get there.
It was a traumatic day for me. The person IO had been trusted to saw Pompey Col at the ground and he was desperate, as is everyone, to grab a selfie with me that he cheekily placed me on top of his head!!!

I can report that the experience was invariably much more pleasant an experience for him than it was for me....

I'm not travelling to Oxford - last time there was a winless, wet experience and I'm not getting any younger.

See you on the road before too long soon.

BTH :tophat: BH1.jpg BH2.jpg BH3.jpg BH4.jpg BH5.jpg

Bob The Hat

Vital Youth Team
Good Afternoon Everyone :wave:

Well a new ground for me yesterday, it's a pity we didn't come back with 3pts as I thought that we dominated the game. We need a striker who can put away our chances.

It was very cold yesterday, and I'm tired after the long journey, looking forward to some home games in the next week.
S BH1.jpg BH2.jpg BH3.jpg ee some of you on my travels again shortly.
BTH :tophat:

Bob The Hat

Vital Youth Team
Good Afternoon everyone

Well another trip to Fleetwood.
I was content with a point thought we shaded the game on chances.
The more times I go there, the more I see how that place has more veneer than substance.
I accept they are new to the leagues etc. but disappointed with the extortion of Pool fans.
I saw one of the older posters from here- FY4 sat in the seats.
Nice bit of rust on the net support.
See you all at Shrewsbury in a couple of weeks.
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