Scorecast Table

As promised, here is the final table for part 1 which Mac kindly compiled ages ago and I forgot to post. Anyway, in a tight ending...........

Here's how it finished.

The Pyrry 465
Mcnamee67 463
braith1952 423
Toon_NoMatterWot 415
The Owl 306
CuckFan 295
markylad74 222
billybobcat 108
Pellet 22
TwoMagpies 10

and here's how it's looking after one week of part 2 and again, cheers to Mac for the scoring.

billybobcat 16
braith1952 14
The Owl 14
The Pyrry 13
Mcnamee67 13
markylad74 10
Toon_NoMatterWot 10



Vital Football Hero
The Pyrry - 19/1/2018 08:17

yes thanks mac for your efforts much appreciated
Cheers for that TP. You saved your best score till last. 5 correct scores (and double points) from 8 games was a game changer.You went from 10 points behind to 10 in front with 2 games to go. A 92nd min equaliser by Arsenal cut the gap to 2 points but predicting the score of the final game of the round proved too much.
Like usual, the table is left to build up at the start of a new competition, although individual week scores can be posted via request, and it's interesting. Courtesy of Mcnamee

The lead changes for the fourth week running. Some unexpected scores this week but some managed to get one or even two correct.

Table and scores as follows:

Table After Week 4

braith1952 66
The Pyrry 63
Mcnamee67 63
The Owl 55
Toon_NoMatterWot 52
billybobcat 45
markylad74 39
The table has already been compiled in the background but as per usual, i'll withhold it for a little to make things interesting. Individual scores can be requested at any time though.
About time this table was published by me......

This from Mac.


All the results went in our favour and we can maybe start to wonder what might unfold in the coming months.
The Scorecast is without a Monday game so here are the scores from the weekends games. The Owl is highest scorer again with an excellent 23 followed by Billybobcat with 20. Thanks to all taking part. Cheers Mac

Table After Week 9
Mcnamee67 166
billybobcat 162
The Pyrry 159
braith1952 153
The Owl 136
Toon_NoMatterWot 136
markylad74 86

From Mac.

Another week without a Monday game so here are the results and table for week 10.

The Owl yet again is the highest scorer of the week with 21 followed by billy bobcat with 15.
Just two points separate first and second place and it is very close overall.

Table After Week 10.

Week 10 Score in brackets

Mcnamee67 179. (13)
billybobcat 177 (15)
The Pyrry 171 (12)
braith1952. 165 (12)
The Owl. 157 (21)
Toon_NoMatterWot. 146 (10)
markylad74 86 (0 )
Summary after week 11.

(Courtesy of McNamee.)

Braith gets the top score with 24 with The Pyrry and Marky a point behind.

THE Table and scores as follows. Thanks to all taking part, Cheers Mac.

Standings After Week 11
Mcnamee67 199
billybobcat 197
The Pyrry 194
braith1952 189
The Owl 175
Toon_NoMatterWot 163
markylad74 109
From Mac.

billy gets the top score this week with an excellent 20 followed by Tooney with 18. The lead changes again as the season gets nearer its climax. Thanks to all taking part.

Table after Week 12
billybobcat 217
Mcnamee67 215
The Pyrry 207
braith1952 202
The Owl 188
Toon_NoMatterWot 181
markylad74 119
From McNamee.

Well after half a season of predictions just six points separated the top three at the final whistle. It has been a close competition all season but The Pyrry has emerged as the winner by four points. Congratulations to him and also all those who took the time out to enter. Cheers. Mc

Final Table At End Of Part 2

ThePyrry 298
billybobcat 294
Mcnamee67 292
braith1952 276
Toon_NoMatterWot 260
The Owl 234
markylad74 151