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SBR Scorecast Standings

After 6 weeks, this is how things stand.......

Table After Week 6
billybobcat 119
The Pyrry 111
Toon_NoMatterWot 110
Mcnamee67 109
Rexn 90
braith1952 84
tooninkent 16
I still get the table every week without fail from McNamee but it's my laziness not to post it. Anyway, here's the scores on the doors after 12 rounds.

Table After Week 12
Toon_NoMatterWot 252
The Pyrry 242
Mcnamee67 240
billybobcat 237
Rexn 202
braith1952 190
tooninkent 16
From McNamee.

Games coming thick and fast and predictions sometimes harder than ever to get right. No one got a point last night from both games! Billybobcat was the big hitter this week with 40 points followed by braith with 36 and Mac with 35. Table and scores are below.

Table After Week 14

Toon_NoMatterWot 296
billybobcat 295
Mcnamee67 289
The Pyrry 282
braith1952 240
Rexn 236
tooninkent 16
Forgot to post the final table for part 1.

Anyway, this from Mac back in December....


The end of part 1 has been completed now and after a closely fought contest billy bobcat has emerged as the winner with a consistent set of good scores. Here is the table and scores.

billybobcat 424
Toon_NoMatterWot 416
Mcnamee67 398
The Pyrry 381
Rexn 343
braith1952 248
tooninkent 16