SBR Scorecast 2017/18 Table (up to the end of week 15)

With thanks to McNamee for compiling and this message.


The scores and totals are as follows. Some of the regulars haven't appeared yet for whatever reason but still plenty of time.

Total after Game Week 2
The Pyrry 33
Mcnamee67 31
braith1952 26
CuckFan 24
Toon_NoMatterWot 23
TwoMagpies 10

From McNamee.........


A close run competition, this week saw Cuck as the highest scorer but The Pyrry still holds a slender lead. Any poster who hasn't yet entered is still more than welcome to add their forecasts.

Table After Game Week 3

The Pyrry 47
Mcnamee67 43
CuckFan 42
braith1952 42
Toon_NoMatterWot 38
TwoMagpies 10
The Owl 8

Yes, Mac posted me the new table the other day and I usually post it the day before the new fixtures.

As for posting fixtures early, ive always said that if anyone else wants to do it then they can but time constraints usually make it a Thursday for me at present.
The scores for week 4 show Mcnamee with the highest with 25 and then a couple of points separate the others.

Table After Game Week 4

Mcnamee67 68
The Pyrry 59
braith1952 56
CuckFan 55
Toon_NoMatterWot 52
The Owl 15
TwoMagpies 10

From McNamee.....

Just 9 points separate the top 4 after this week's results. Cuck was the highest scorer with 23 followed by The Pyrry with 17.

Table After Game Week 5

Mcnamee67 79
CuckFan 78
The Pyrry 76
braith1952 70
Toon_NoMatterWot 65
The Owl 15
TwoMagpies 10

As ever, thanks to McNamee for the following.....


A fine margin between correct result and correct score meant the lead changed twice over the weekend. Cuck with 50 points was pipped by Braith with 52 who in turn was overtaken by Mcnamee with 54, who had the good fortune to correctly predict 3 correct scores.

Here are the scores.

Table After Week 6
Mcnamee67 133
CuckFan 128
braith1952 122
The Pyrry 116
Toon_NoMatterWot 109
The Owl 53
TwoMagpies 10

As ever, thanks to McNamee who scores this and gets it to me pretty much straight after the fixtures have finished.

Week 8 was another close fought contest and was closer than maybe looks. Had Mahrez scored instead of blazing over the bar then 3 points would have covered the top 3 places but that's what makes the contest so interesting. Cuck had the highest score of the week with 20 followed by the Pyrry with 19. Well done to all taking part. Here are the tables and scores.

Table After Game Week 8

CuckFan 167
Mcnamee67 160
The Pyrry 156
braith1952 149
Toon_NoMatterWot 135
The Owl 72
TwoMagpies 10

From Mac.


One or two unexpected scores and results meant a rather low scoring week although The Pyrry managed to forecast 2 correct scores in his 18 point total. However the highest scorer of the weekend goes to Cuck with 21. Thanks to all taking part. Here's the table up to date.

Table After Game Week 9
CuckFan 188
The Pyrry 174
Mcnamee67 172
braith1952 164
Toon_NoMatterWot 136
The Owl 84
TwoMagpies 10

Courtesy of Mac.........


The Owl scores highest this week with an excellent 50 followed by Tooney with 48 followed with 2 scoring 42 The Pyrry and Cuckfan.

Good to see another entrant this week having a go. Tables are as follows. Cheers Mac

Table After Game Week 10
CuckFan 230
The Pyrry 216
Mcnamee67 210
braith1952 198
Toon_NoMatterWot 184
The Owl 134
Pellet 22
TwoMagpies 10

Week 11 shows Toony with the highest score on 22 and he's on a bit of a roll now. Cuck with 20 then The Owl with 18. Table shows a bit of a gap opening at the top but still a long way to go. Thanks to all who participate. Cheers Mac.

Table After Game Week 11
CuckFan 250
The Pyrry 230
Mcnamee67 225
braith1952 212
Toon_NoMatterWot 206
The Owl 152
Pellet 22
TwoMagpies 10

Courtesy of Mac.

Week 13 provided Braith with the highest total of 42 and 25 of those came in midweek. An excellent score that puts him higher up the table. Markylad was in second place with 39 followed in joint third by Tooney and Mac with 34. The tables are as follows. As ever thanks to all who take the effort to enter.

Table After Game Week 13
CuckFan 295
The Pyrry 279
braith1952 275
Mcnamee67 275
Toon_NoMatterWot 260
The Owl 199
markylad74 57
Pellet 22
TwoMagpies 10

From Mac...


Mcnamee is the highest scorer this week with 27 followed by Braith with 22 and Marky 20. Very little in it at the top. Thanks to all who entered.

Table After Week 14
Mcnamee67 302
The Pyrry 298
braith1952 297
CuckFan 295
Toon_NoMatterWot 279
The Owl 217
markylad74 77
Pellet 22
TwoMagpies 10

From Mac.


Bit of a low scoring first part to this week's Scorecast with some results not going as expected but still overall some decent totals.

Toony gets a good total score of 42 with Mac scoring 36, pipping Marky by one who has 35. The tables and and scores are as follows.

Table After Game Week 15
Mcnamee67 338
The Pyrry 329
braith1952 324
Toon_NoMatterWot 321
CuckFan 295
The Owl 241
markylad74 112
Pellet 22
TwoMagpies 10