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From another thread

Man flu warning:

Sudafed congestion & head ache relief max strength and Sainsburys max strength cold and flu have exactly the same number of capsules and exactly the same ingredients and weight of ingredient.

Sudafed costs £4, Sainsburys cost £2.

Muggins here bought both.
worth putting in the saving thread that, it's a marketing man rip off the way the same drugs are branded differently.

Ibuprofen at 30p and Nurafen at £3 for instance.


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Classic personal finance advice is to set up a direct deposit out of your account to another so that once your check lands money automatically goes to savings.

I don't know how it applies to the UK but the 50/30/20 rule for budgeting is a good handy one if you're terrible at budgeting. They usually recommend you do this for your post tax take home pay.

So you're standard expenses should never exceed 50% - thats your rent, mortgage, car payments, utilities, food shopping, phone etc.
30% is your fun money so thats drinking, eating out etc.
20% is savings.

Relatively decent method and I think the main idea is that it'll immediately flag if you're in a dangerous or unsustainable financial position. If you're fixed expenses are more than 50% of your take home pay you definitely have a problem and you'll have to see what you can cut.

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The oul wood chip boiler and cavity foam insulation are always good debates too.
Currently in discussion with Persimmon on cavity wall insulation, I'm meant to have it, builders removed a window the other day and found I had none.

Been here 14 years, so it must have cost me £100's


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I always search for a code in Google before I buy anything online. Once I have found a product I want I open a new tab and go on a Google tour search. Usually you can find one.

If you use eBay the majority of purchases you do not pay for automatically. If you look at where it states the way you are paying, it will say above it ''pay after delivery'' and then gives the date it will be taken from your bank which is usually 10 days later. You can then add on another 3 days for it to reach and clear out of your bank

Don't buy expensive household products such as stain removers. Google will give you perfectly good ways of making these yourself out of the products you have already in your home.

The same goes for skin products which you can make for a fraction of the price. Cleanser, make up remover, toner, face and eye creams and setting spray for your make up means you save £100's of pounds per year. I doubt it would interest you guys on here though.

Hmm there is many more. That will have to do for now as my brain hasn't had enough coffee yet


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From another thread

worth putting in the saving thread that, it's a marketing man rip off the way the same drugs are branded differently.

Ibuprofen at 30p and Nurafen at £3 for instance.
I have not had flu or a cold since May 1976.
I started using a small amount of garlic in my food, not even enough to taste, at least three (3) times a week, at the beginning of May 1976. I had my last cold about two weeks into that May.
My children, as children, never had colds or flu.
Once they'd been left home for three or four years, they were all suffering colds and flu. They all admitted that they never used garlic.
Since they have re-introduced garlic to their food, colds and flu have disappeared from their lives.


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Trust me...

Sainsbury sell them. Balsajo black garlic. Lovely and none of the garlic smell after eating.

Contacted them ages back asking if these lose some of the power of fresh garlic, turns out they improve not degrade goodness wise.
Great in home-made soups.
Black garlic has more alternative uses in food than white garlic but, isn't as easy to get.
Sainsbury's do sell but, not always in stock and if, like me, its a trek to get to the nearest Sainsbury's store, it can become really expensive.

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can get it online as well.

Same deano, have garlic, still get colds, but it is good for you and probably helps a bit.