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Sandwiches are my favorite food, I probably average 8 sandwiches a week, of various fillings. What is your favorite sandwich? Does anyone have any recomendations?

Up there for me is bacon, cheese and tomato on lightly buttered thick white bread - toasted. :35:


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Sausage,tomato and brown sauce toasted for brekky.

A few from my selection that i take to work :

Ham,horseradish sauce and red onion on bread

Ham,cheese,lettuce,onion,mayo on bread.No butter.Use dairylea instead.(triple-decker)

A plain old cheese and brown sauce sarny accompanied by Garners pickle onions.

Boiled egg sliced with lettuce and mayo squidged all over (can cause your sarny box to smell a bit )

Ham,tomato,lettuce,onion,polony on bread.Sometimes have to lean on it with both hands to ensure the filling doesn`t come out when cutting in half



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I like thickly cut cheese on doorstep crusty bread with onion and brown sauce.
I like bacon and egg on soft white bread

but my ultimate favourite is a sausage sandwich. nothing else. just sausage, bread and red sauce. get in mah belleh!

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BLT on brown wholemeal bread. Also, Tuna, Mayo and Sweetcorn, again on brown wholemeal bread.

And, I love a traditional cheese and onion cob too.


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I love ham and cheese with salad cream

also Corned beef with cheese and branston pickle or piccalili

My ultimate is cheese on toast, layer of baked beans, double thick layer of bacon, another slice of cheese on toast, baked beans layer of sausages cut into halves long ways, topped with a slice of cheese on toast and an overall smothering of baked beans and lea and perrins sauce.

Absolute taste sensation. Although possibly not officially a sandwich as required a knife and fork.


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The Garden Gate pub in Handsworth Wood used to do (about 30 years ago) a fresh crusty cob with either cheese and onion or ham and mustard.
They were the best cobs in the world.FACT.

Now it sells curry and a car wash !


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When I worked in town I used to get a hot pork baguette from a place called montys. The baguettes were fresh and still warm, I'd have pork, apple, stuffing, gravy and crackling. amazing.


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Brie & Grape is one of my favourites, or Brie & Cranberry.

Pastrami with Horseradish mayo is nice.

A good old fashioned BLT is great too.

Crayfish & rocket with Lime Mayo is a also a fave of mine.


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Trekker - 23/5/2013 14:35

Lufthansa serve minging 3 cheese sandwiches. I complained politely that there was no alternative on 4 consecutive flights.
I guess they only have that one option as I seem to recall having the exact same option at 7am on my way to Frankfurt about 4 years ago.


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Yep, i've travelled back and forth to germany several times with lufthansa and only been offered the same.

Everytime I've eaten them though.


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Cheese & Tomato in a soft but crunchy freshly made in store roll from Morrison's with salt & pepper. Hmm time to head for the kitchen. Hunger pangs coming on

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Love sarnies!

Egg and cress


And at the right time, can't beat one bacon and one sausage sarnie with tomota sauce!