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There go City again ruining things for everyone

Man City’s January transfer saved small club from shutting down thanks to €650k cheque

Aymeric Laporte’s transfer from Athletic Club Bilbao to Manchester City was one of the big talking points of the January transfer window, especially after Pep Guardiola’s comments that the club were on a ‘budget’.

Triggering the French defender’s £65m release clause, the Premier League side got one of the more promising centre-backs in Europe, even if there’s still a lot of work to be done on his part to fulfil it.

While Athletic Bilbao benefitted greatly, and managed to bring in Iñigo Martinez from Real Sociedad to replace Laporte, Manchester City unknowingly also gave a small club a lifeline by completing the deal: Sporting Union Agen.

SUA, as they’re more commonly called, are a fifth-tier club in France in financial difficulty, but, as FIFA regulation states, they are allowed a 1% commission fee for being the club were the player started his career and played for until he was 15.

That means that, out of the blue, a cheque of €650k landed on their desk, and that means a lot.

As Jean-Claude Brunel, the club’s co-president, explained to 20 Minutes: “In the space of a week, we’ve gone from a club who was on the verge of shutting down to a club whose financial future is sorted for the next ten years or so”.

What will they do with that money? They’ve got a few ideas, including paying for their coaches’ licenses, opening one or two women’s teams, buy a new team bus and hopefully build a team that will allow them to go back up to the fourth-tier in the next 4-5 years.


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That is good news for Sporting Union. Perhaps if more transfer deals were structured in this way then the expenditure of the vast sums we are witnessing can genuinely ‘trickle down’ and effect grassroots football. Not everyone who moves on from such clubs will be subject to a fee like Laporte’s but nevertheless......


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Buzz Lightyear - 8/2/2018 19:01

Great Posting BD, good news that not all money is wasted on greedy agents but that some good has come from paying such a vast amount of money.
The powers that be in the UK could mandate a clause for all transfers, would be good for all levels of our footy sport.


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Here we go. Classic example of the sort of stuff out there.....


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"A club can buy players like PSG has done or Manchester City or Chelsea, with unlimited resources, but overall football suffers,"

Ferguson bemoaned City's "kamikaze spending" and accused City of "inflating the market".

And more recently we have the head of La Liga saying clubs like City are "irreparably harming the football industry"
City didn't inflate the market, the selling Club saw a chance to screw the arse off us, but in order to catch up, we succumbed to the asking price.

You can always say no the price is not right - which according to Ratboy is wrong eg Sanchez

We are being scrutenised by Uefa like there is no tomorrow, but had City not joined the party, would FFP have ever entered the rule books of Uefa, no because the Sky 4 would still be able to cherry pick the best of the talent to maintain threir lofty status and history.