RUFC - When Is A Yellow Not A Yellow



Us Millers fans are a bit bemused (nowt new there really) about how many yellow cards Kieffer Moore has picked up this season

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Well, with the benefit of hindsight (a blessing or a blight?) having lost the game and KM having picked up a 4/5?? yellow then no he shouldn't have played.

However maybe - in order to show he was as keen as the fans to have a cup run (hmmmmm!) - the manager felt he needed to field his strongest (available) team.

Having travelled to Crewe would we have been happy to see a team of 'not first choice players'? Or is KM so special he deserves treating differently?


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got to agree sixpence Moore should have be rested not only due to the yellow cards he may or maynot have, it would have given him some much needed rest to fully get over the groin strain he has been carrying


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Well, if he's not able to play on Saturday against Donny it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't get some minutes on the pitch on Tuesday night - though I'd hope he doesn't