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Roy Keane walks his dog past my house...

*said Past instead of Passed in title, it's annoying me too.

Just moved to an area in Manchester, and noticed Roy Keane walking his dogs passed my house every other day.

It's surreal, I always double take when I see he knows I know, just keeps his head down.

Given his famously grumpy demeanor, what do you think he was do if I were to say, "Hello"?

1) Just keep walking.
2) Say Hello back.
3) Tell me to "F*ck Off" or some variant?

I was just thinking how much more likely that Roy Keane could tell me to F off as I go about my day to day routine now.
Also, a fued with Roy Keane would be quite hilarious. I kid.

Side note, saying hello to former Wigan staff has been hit or miss.

Ran into Wilson Palacios when he was off to Tottenham, I shouted his name from across the Grand Arcade and he started smiling, came over to me, shook my hand, asked how I was and then asked if I would like a picture.
...was so bloody wholesome, made my day.

Paul Jewell was a prick, asked him for a photo whilst passing him in the corridor at Robin Park in my teens- It seems cartoonish now - but he just looked me up and down, smirked and then started maniacally. At the time I was like, What the hell?!

Mike Pollit is a legend, met him in Manchester with the rest of the failed prem promotion squad. All top lads.

Stormin' Norman

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He'll probably ignore you bro if you say hello.

I was working at Carrington a few years go, the Utd players had to pass us on the way to the training ground, nearly all the players (household names) acknowledged us in passing except Keane, everyday he kept his head down and wouldn't make eye contact.

I remember speaking to Paul Scharner one Saturday night at around 11pm at the petrol station at the bottom of Marsh Green, i shouted over "good game today Paul" bloody hell i couldn't get away from him, really top bloke that had time for the fans.

Paul Cook is another top bloke, had a can of beer with us near our minibus after we won the league at Doncaster a couple of seasons ago, took time to celebrate with us and have pics took, check out my avatar.