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Hanlan and Ehmer both played the full match today, and both were booked.
Another example of a club with money that spends it in the wrong places, wastes it.

I dont blame ehmer and co for going there. Being sold the dream, by a club thats spashing the cash.

Looks like they are pretty serious about getting success though.


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I thought they’d been doing ok recently after a poor start. But having checked they’ve drawn 1, lost 3 of their last 4, although the 3 losses are Fleetwood, Hull and Peterboro who aren’t exactly shabby.

New manager will probably look like a messiah as I think their next 5 or 6 games are against bottom half clubs (inc us).

Gills 58

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From the BBC text commentary he managed an assist, committed several fouls, got booked and no shots at all.

They have Otzumer in their side who I've always though was absolute quality at our level when I've seen him (Walsall and Peterborough?)

As noted above, splashing cash and having a good team on paper doesn't necessarily work.