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Rotherham v Norwich - What The Stats Say


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We are playing quite well, but narrowly losing , or drawing, due to goals conceded in injury time. Only three shots on target yesterday - which is poor again. Hoping that this isn't going to be a re-run of two seasons ago. Better possession so far (still not great ), but a lot of the same faults are there.


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I do believe we have better players than we did two years ago. And we do seem to be playing better. I was a bit baffled with some of the stats on Saturday to be honest. I thought we had the majority of the first half while City had the same in the second half and would have thought maybe, percentage wise 45/55.


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IMO we have better players and as a team we are playing better than last time we were in the Championship. If (and I do know that’s a big word!) we eliminated the unfortunate late errors we would be in a great position in the table. So it is not players or ability that seems to be the problem - maybe concentration, I don’t know.
I do know that I like to see a penalty hit harder and not straight at the goalie and I don’t like to see the defending goalie dive before the ball is kicked!