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romanianvillan moving back to Romania


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Ok guys, I'm moving back to Romania tomorrow. Have just finished packing the house, packing my office, and removal van is coming tomorrow morning.

Bloody stressful this move is, because I now have a Limited company, and I've had to ensure everything is in order. UK postal address, telephone and fax numbers are all sorted, now I'm closing the business for 5 days while we move.

We're moving simply for a better quality of life, to the coast of the Black Sea, it's bloody gorgeous!!

I'm gonna rely on VV even more so now, although if past history is anything to go by, Eurosport 2 has a lot of PL games on.

The next time I post, I'll be back in Romania, wish me luck with the move!!

If anyone lives in Romania and needs a job, I'm hiring, with work from home positions available.



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Good luck mate, I'm sure all will go well and its not like you don't know where you're moving to.

I can only imagine the stress, I'm finding it hard enough moving from Bromley to Rochester, not helped by my 2 lads not wanting the move (needs must !)

Take care and UTV


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All the best romanianvillan, hope all works out for you. I am quite sure it will. Might even come and visit the Black Sea one day, so be warned!


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Good luck with the move and the business.
Put some photos up.It`s somewhere i`ve never thought of as a holiday destination,but if it`s gorgeous,as you say,who knows !


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Constanta, eh? You've just reminded me of a girl I met there back in 2004, I'd forgotten all about that little episode in my life. Good luck with everything; beautiful part of the world.


Good luck rom dude i think your a top bloke and a vital Villan on here so make sure you keep posting on here dude throughout the season, i need as many to moan to and post my manic depressive posts when we lose remember!

Hope you have a great life out there, i don't blame you for moving from the hustle and bustle of city life over here, if i could i would i tell ya, good luce rom dude!!!!