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Rolling Specubollox Thread

Heaton from Burnley would not be a bad shout. He is 30 and is Home grown of course, IF City were in the market for a GK, I cannot see JH1 returning to City other than in another Premier team or as an ex player in City square
The January Window is full of desperation buys and now City are settled and would only buy if the right player became available, but those are like Rocking Horse droppings in January


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If indeed we were really after Bellerin it would only be a matter of how much Arsenal would take for him because money is all they think of at that club. :030: :021:
I think the talk about Bellerin is just Media talk because if City had actually come out with a quote that they were after him without Arsenal being aware, then I would think it would be tapping up.

It is obvious to everyone that our first team defenders are coming to the end of their careers at the top level and we are or should be in the market to replace one or two and as the thread suggests it is specubollux.

We have seen this approach by clubs such as The Rags and RM where they unsettle a player they want, but it will be seen if City make an official approach to the Gooners.


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We're being linked again with the following:

Central defender Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus)
Centre back Aymeric Laporte (Atletic Bilbao)

He has the potential BD, I have seen him play on numerous occasions for the EDS and was disappointed Blackburn failed to play him.

He will be a great asset to Wigan and will grow from there, obviously with too many midfielders he was not going to make it here unless he was spectacular, but like Mee and Trippier, he does have something inside and all he needs is the experience to bring it out, but sat warming his segs on a bench at Blackburn wasn't doing it.

I am sure that we have a buy back clause and he will be settled with a 3 and a half year contract at Wigan under a decent coach.
That depends, are we going to play full backs? or are we sticking to this three at the back shit? If it's the latter we need centre backs.
If we do play three at the back shit, I would like to see a sniper in the crowd for any of them passing the half way line with the exception of corners and free kicks


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Buzz Lightyear - 2/1/2017 06:15

Finishing outside the places for European competition does not appear to have done Chelsea any harm
Very true, but failure cost Chelsea Millions and the Special one his job. Top Clubs never reward failure and why should they.


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Nothing to do with us but huge breaking news Costa fallen out with Chelsea over bid from the Chinese. £30m a year after tax. Not trained for 3 days and left out of squad to play Leicester this weekend.

I see we are due to make a profit on the Goalkeeper Rulli, who we bought in the summer, immediately loaned him out and then have agreed to sell him giving us 1.3 mill profit, but with a buy back clause of about 11.5 mill in 2018


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I'm not even sure he should be deterred from his duties then Buzz. I can't recall the last time one of our centre halves got their head to one of our corners and got the ball on target. They might as well not bother going.

Oh, and yes, the full backs need an overhaul.