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Rolling Specubollox Thread

it might not make sense Kenny, but the principal of not bowing to a continuous media led sale after al, they have done in the effort to besmirch our club, I think we would rather give him away next season or give it another 12 months to get him to sign another contract and another year older of not having regular football, but I think we would sell him to any other club rather than Bayern
Let him go 2 years without playing, and see what his pay pack is. We can play hardball, too.
Alternatively we are saying to Bayern that if you wait another 12 months you can have him for nothing and in the meantime we will have an unhappy player moping around the place - although if he thinks he's going in a year then he might be fairly chipper with it all.

As (I think) Owen Hargreaves has commented - why would any player in the world not want to work with Guardiola? Maybe he does have an attitude problem? What gets me is that he doesn't appear willing to sign an extension (a year maybe?) and repay the club for looking after him whilst he has been poorly.
Touching on Bluedub's post #2,650 on the 7th of May about the 2018 World cup - one point I've seen made elsewhere seems very relevant.
Sane stays, hardly plays when football resumes, and goes on a free.
Almost certainly not fit enough for Euro 2020(1), (although the Germans could take a wild punt, but unlikely), and then cutting it fine for the 2022 World cup.
To use a phrase Kenny is fond of, interesting times.