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Rolling Specubollox Thread


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The January window has slammed shut and there's not much gossip around as we get into the serious part of the season.
But the specubollox for the summer will soon be in full flow and we can await with interest what will undoubtedly be an exciting summer of business.

I love Yaya but he does not have that 98 minutes of concentration in him. He is one of those players that can amble through a game for 85 mins and then win it for you in 5


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I think Bobby Robson was the last person in football I can't recall remaining genuinely committed to his club because he said he had signed a contract (when he was manager of Barca I think it was) rather than using it as a negotiating ploy to squeeze money out of his employers if sacked.

In this day and he contracts pretty much define the scale of the compensation to be paid to get someone out of them. It always brings a smile to my face when I hear it reported that "(insert player name here) has just signed a (insert number of choosing) year deal which will keep him at the club until (insert the relevant year)". Long contract terms are often a way of either deterring other clubs due to the size of the fee that would be required OR ensuring that, knowing they may struggle to hang on to a player, ensuring that a whacking great transfer fee will come their way. Watch this space.


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Well, that's sounds like a good plan. Remove any of the back up full backs entirely. :013:

Unless there is a plan to bring others in (which I doubt)


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citizhun - 21/11/2016 17:12

johnkelv - 21/11/2016 07:23

Each trading period we get a Messi coming to us story, boring.........but if he came, is he still worth it?? We should be looking for our own young version instead. :102:
Why can't we have both? :032:
Maybe Kun down the middle, Messi on the right and Jesus on the left in a 433??


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As we are not buyers in this window we are now plotting, apparently for this squad player at Real, he would certainly add to our mid field options, the only players Pep wants.


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Buzz Lightyear - 27/12/2016 17:47

Pablo Maffeo and Angelino are to join Spanish Segunda Division side Girona on loan until the end of the season.
Maffeo should have had more game time I think in the first team, his only outing was pretty good.
I don't see why he does not give Maffeo a run of games, It seems to be a gamble for all our Managers, they are reluctant to play those on the squad because of lack of experience and in the end we lose them instead of persevering and giving them game time.

The catch is that the name of the game is top four and they wont gamble just in case it blows up in their faces.

They wouldn't Ozi, just stirring the pot and seeing what rises to the top. Waiting for the usual Spuds issue keep off warning, or it could be the agents fancy a pay rise for their Clients and a new deal.


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Gentlemen, this has been a somewhat disappointing and, to say the least, damp squib of a window.
This thread will self-destruct at close of play today and a new rolling specubollox thread will appear for the start of the summer speculation.